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McDonald Village
Ohio's Finest Village!
Since 1918!
Glenn W. Holmes
Administration Building
451 Ohio Ave. McDonald, OH  44437
The Village of McDonald is a small suburban
community in the midst of theYoungstown-Warren
metropolitan area. The Village is located in
southern Trumbull County adjacent to the cities of
Niles and Girard. The school district boasts top
rating both athletically and academically region
wide. The impression from the surrounding area is
that municipal services, to our residents, are
considered excellent. Clean streets and manicured
homes host an abundance of walkers and joggers.
Family friendly programming throughout our park
system solidifies an atmosphere that any red
blooded American would love. A blend of industrial,
commercial and retail establishments only adds to
the quality of life that I vow to protect vehemently. It
is an honor to serve the fine people of McDonald. I
invite you to visit us. Contact me personally with
any comments, concerns, or considerations. It will
be my privilege to serve you as well.

             Mayor Glenn Holmes

McDonald requires certain building permits
for projects you may be thinking of doing.
Please check with our office to see if
a permit is needed and we will be happy
to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you
McDonald Police Department
is sponsoring a
Senior Watch Program

Senior Citizens, shut ins, wheelchair bound or
SSI recipients are qualified for this program.

Applications are available at the Municipal
building. Call for more information.